Solutions center for learning

The Solutions Center for Learning is a center-based option for school-age children that SBC developed to meet the need during COVID-19. While we were preparing for the Grand Opening of our NEW Solutions Center for Autism, we started to realize there was an urgent need for an alternate learning environment for school-age children, who would not benefit from virtual services. 

We took the temporary location that we pivoted to during our summer services and transitioned for school-age students. This new space, Solutions Center for Learning, will offer a variety of ABA services for students on IEPS. 

We will cater to children with autism who need intensive ABA intervention in a center-based setting. In addition, we will provide an alternate location to students whose school district services are currently remote. 

As with all of our services, children enrolled in SBC will receive comprehensive services primarily through one-to-one programming by a registered behavior technician. Our initial emphasis is on the assessment of a student’s academic, social, verbal behavior, and other behavioral repertoires. This guides the development of our individualized programming for each child. Once programming has been established, the focus is on the acquisition, generalization, and fluency of skills needed to promote independence and community participation. Our Certified Ohio Behavior Analysts provide oversight and supervision of program development and on-going analysis of data.  

SBC offers assessment and support services for individuals with challenging behaviors. Service begins with functional behavior assessment (FBA) of problem behaviors to determine the function of the target behavior(s). A Board Certified Behavior Analyst conducts FBAs in conjunction with families and IEPl team members. A behavior intervention plan is then developed to teach replacement skills. SBC provides a strong support and training system for families, caregivers, therapists, and other individuals to ensure the consistency of the behavior plan’s implementation.