Getting Started

We recognize that a family has many options when it comes to service providers and they are looking for a practice they can trust.
It is important to choose a practice that aligns with your goals for teaching your child.

After reviewing the steps to get started, send us a message to schedule an intake!

Translation Services are available and can be accessed by indicating the need for services on the contact form below. Please note that SBC utilizes translation services through a third-party vendor.

Document Review

Parents are asked to gather documentation related to their child’s needs prior to the intake interview. Relevant documentation may include your child’s diagnosis, Individualized Education Plan (IEP), ETR results, or evaluations conducted by supplemental therapies such as SLP, OT, or PT.  Access to this information allows the Behavior Analyst  (BCBA) to become familiar with the needs of your child in preparation for the intake interview.

When sending documentation to our offices, please do not send personal information related to your child via the website.


Intake Interview

The intake interview is intended to let Solutions Behavioral Consulting get to know you and your child and for you to get to know Solutions Behavioral Consulting. Both the parents and the child should attend the intake interview.

There will be registration paperwork to complete, so please let the office staff know if you need assistance with your child while waiting. During the intake, the BCBA will conduct a semi-structured interview to obtain individualized information about your child that will be used to guide program decision-making. In addition, the BCBA will discuss the mission and philosophy of Solutions Behavioral Consulting and discuss the appropriateness of services for your child.

The intake is conducted at our Center and typically takes 1.5-2 hours. It is helpful if you bring items that your child finds comforting (e.g., favorite toy, puzzle, book or snack).

Status for funding

During the intake interview, the status of funding will be discussed. Some families will choose to pay privately for services while others will utilize private insurance, Medicaid, Ohio Autism Scholarship Program, or some families will have services provided through their school district.

At the end of the intake, our Practice Manager will work with you to determine the funding you will be using and to schedule a follow-up financial meeting. At the financial meeting, the Practice Manager will discuss all costs for services and what to expect from our billing department.

SBC is committed to ensuring all clients have access to care. 

Getting Started

Please fill out the form below so that we can learn more about your child. When we reach out we will ask for specific information. Please do not send any personal information related to your child via the website as the site is not confidential.

Thank you someone on our team will get back to you shortly!