Solutions center for autism

Early intervention with ABA for those with autism is vital for school readiness.  I am so proud when I see a child achieve the smallest victories as it yields a lifelong return. The best outcomes are seen when children begin therapy as early in life as possible and the Solutions Center for Autism helps make this a reality.

Carrie Yasenosky

Clinical Director, Solutions Center for Autism


Solutions Center for Autism provides ABA therapy to children ages fifteen months to six years, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The Solutions Center for Autism prepares each child for school-based services. Our model includes 1:1 behavioral services,  small group interactions, speech, language therapy,  and family support.

Comprehensive programming is developed through an assessment conducted by your BCBA with consideration given to school-based assessments and reports (i.e., ETR results, IEP goals) parent/family interviews, assessments provided from therapies such as speech, OT, or PT.

Our ABA programs include building skills across all developmental domains: receptive and expressive language, fine motor, gross motor, self-help, play and leisure, social abilities, and academics

Activities include:

The Solutions Center for Autism also offers Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy and in-home ABA  programs for your child.

Some of our programming includes:

Daily  sessions provide an excellent opportunity for your child to have fun while receiving direct instruction on social and language skills. In addition, your child will begin to learn about letters and numbers, shapes, colors, and other pre-Kindergarten skills.

This is a great opportunity for children to experience school activities in a small group setting with a low child to instructor ratio. The children learn appropriate school behaviors such as attending during circle time, waiting in line, following group directions, and socializing with peers. The goal is to prepare children for traditional school settings using an intensive behavioral model.

Parent involvement in ABA therapy is an essential component of the treatment plan for a child with autism. It is important that  parents and caregivers understand the goals, know how to meet the goals, and can continue to work on the plan throughout the child’s daily activities. At SBC, the parents of our clients are a part of the team.  They work on the same goals and are  trained monthly across a variety of areas. Our team meets with each parent regularly to ensure consistency and treatment integrity. As a part of the team, parents are asked to commit to attend and observe ABA sessions  as a part of the parent training program.  The BCBA provides individualized training sessions that are designed to equip parents with the skills to ensure their child continues to learn across all activities.